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Create-Your-Own Tour in South Africa

Create-Your-Own Tour in South Africa

Tour South Africa when and where you like for only $350 pppd, we give you a standard tour and you can change it before we start and on the run. Get to see more of what you like!
Trip rating 10.0/10 from 4 trip reviews  |  Operator rating 10.0/10 from 28 trip reviews
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Price: USD $2,450 per person
Type: Tour
Duration: 7 days
Customise: This Tour can be customised
Country: South Africa
Persons: minimum (2)  maximum (12)
Accommodation: Mixed
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Create-Your-Own Tour in South Africa

Create-Your-Own Tour in South Africa

We will customised your South Africa Holiday for you....

Tell us what your interests are, and how long you would like the tour to be, and we will then plan a tour for you and your party and send you a suggested itinerary and pricing.

You then have a chance to make some changes, before you even pay your deposit. Then once we are on our way you can change your mind and decide to see more of this or less of that.
(Subject to us being able to modify accommodation, and your whole party being in agreement).

No fixed timetable to stick to and no pressure to get you back on the road. You even get to choose what type of food you would like.

Bird Watching can be incorporated into this tour. We have one of the countries best bird guides (one of six), available to do this tour for you should you be a keen birder. Please feel free to request a list of special birds we could find for you on this tour.

All the tours we offer are perfectly suited to be the ideal family holiday. As we do not mix groups together you donít have to worry about loud or over active children getting in the way of anybody else.

Our guides understand that tours with children need to be handled a little differently! On request we can even provide prams, car seats and booster seats for very young children.

You should allow about 350 US Dollars per person per day

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Trip Reviews (4) about reviews
Client: Lynn Morley - from Canada
Trip: This trip: Create-Your-Own Tour in South Africa
rating 10/10
Comment: The operator did a great job of planning our 26 days in South Africa, accommodating all our requests.

Their itinerary included a great variety of accommodations, and a comfortable vehicle for the many kilometres from Cape Town to Kruger.

Vaughn, our guide for the entire trip, was interesting and colourful. He went out of his way to make sure that we saw exactly what we wanted, that we were comfortable, and had everything we needed.

Our experience was awesome, enjoying several public and private game park safaris, boat and train rides, and great food. We truly enjoyed the scenery and viewing the wildlife in South Africa, a troubled, yet beautiful country.
Client: Susan Osinoff - from United States
Trip: This trip: Create-Your-Own Tour in South Africa
rating 10/10
Comment: My husband, my thirteen year old grandson and I just returned from an absolutely glorious exploration of South Africa.

Our trip from the time we landed in Johannesburg and departed from Cape Town was 23 days packed full of adventures. From Soweto to game safaris to Victoria falls on to whale watching and visiting schools and homesteads way back in the bush we were cared for, transported and wined and dined by our guides Pierre, Tony and Mike who had exceptional knowledge and skill. Beside their knowledge, we were constantly amazed at their ability to see and identify birds and animals in the bush or even as we drove along roads at highway speeds.

Our accommodations were always lovely and in ideal locations and settings. We stayed in a 2 bedroom log cottage by the sea, a tented lodge in Kruger National Park, an outstanding guest house on the ocean where we could whale watch from our balconies and an European style mansion in Cape Town. Because all the places were small and intimate we got to spend time with South Africans which certainly enhanced our experience. Meals were a varied experience from in the lodges to interesting but lovely restaurants and even, BBQ's cooked by our wonderful guide, Pierre. Food was plentiful, excellent and we were encouraged to order way more than we could eat. Our grandson loved this as he tried every exotic food on the menu.

Our guides Pierre, Tony and Mike, besides being unbelievably knowledgeable and informative, are wonderful company. One example is the day that Mike, a history expert, drove us to one of the Zulu-British battlefields, sat us in canvass chairs under an African tree and with props reenacted the battle. We were sure that 20,000 Zulu warriors would crest the hill at any moment.

Since I am not the easiest client to deal with as I ask too many questions and want to be involved in all decision making, I can testify to the patience and attention to details that this company provides. Having a 13 year old traveling with you can present other parameters but Pierre and Company were just incredible with our grandson making sure that he was always included, engaged and excited.

I am sure that you can tell that this is an absolute rave review. I cannot wait to travel again with Pierre and company next time to Namibia and Botswana.
Client: Mie Mie Tin - from Australia
Trip: This trip: Create-Your-Own Tour in South Africa
rating 10/10
Comment: Travelling with this safari company was one of the most enjoyable experiences we have ever had.

Not only were they very informative about the African fauna and flora but their easy going attitude made it enjoyable to learn. Their excellent local knowledge mixed with a sense of humour kept us laughing.

We highly recommend them to anyone who wants to view the natural beauty of Africa and have a great time doing it.
Client: Michael Pique - from United States
Trip: This trip: Create-Your-Own Tour in South Africa
rating 10/10
Comment: I was a bit apprehensive, arranging my first African safari by e-mail from California: fears always in the back of my mind of Internet frauds, disappearing tour deposits, and never-to-appear tour guides. Fortunately, I chose well and enjoyed a thoroughly satisfying holiday. Pierre and Karenare wonderful hosts with the skills of rugged outdoorsmen and gracious ambassadors. As I rode with them last December through Kruger Park and Limpopo Province, their roomy van became a Visitors' Center on wheels: generally, Pierre tells about animals, trees, and nature while Karen specializes in the Veld's fascinating human history.

Of course they drive you around and point out the elephants and baboons, but you expect that. Having their eyes and minds enriched my visit in too many ways to list, so a few examples will have to do. We stop at a tiny roadside shop to watch biltong being made - and pick some up for snacks. At another shop, Karen opens a battered white-painted deep-freeze chest to show plastic bags stuffed with frozen chicken heads and feet - ``walkie talkies'': how would I ever have known where to look or what they're called? Pierre points out some trees we've been driving next to for a while, and tells of the tree's medicinal value and how its wood is sacred to the Zulu people. As I board an open-air night-time tour bus, even though I've just eaten a much-more-than-sufficient late lunch, Pierre reaches up and hands me a snack for the ride, ``just in case''.

Perhaps the hightlight of the trip for me was seeing the hippos marching across the road before dawn, in perfect single-file, returning to their river to soak after a night of grazing. Yes, without them, I might have been able to wake up at 4:00 AM for the hippos, but knowing that Pierre had the coffee ready and Karen was waiting with fresh Rusts (spelling?) made even 4:00 AM a pleasure to look forward to. And I would not have had any idea where to park and quietly wait for the tip-toeing hippopotamus parade...

I would highly recommend them to anyone making a visit to South Africa.

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